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Making things go smoothly...

What we're looking for is a con that's safe and fun for everyone, and Operations' job is to make that happen. Badging will be in effect throughout the con as per usual. There's a $20 fee to replace a lost badge so make sure to keep track of yours. Please report any lost, missing or found badges to Ops ASAP. Here are the basic rules for this year's con. There won't be a test, but please pay attention, as there are a few differences from past years:

Please remember that the convention is held in an area where we will be in contact with non-fans. In light of recent events, please try to use common sense, especially in the public areas of the hotel. Let's not scare the civilians, please...

The age-old admonition rings as true as always: Act like a responsible adult, and you will be treated as one!

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