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:: Keycon 19 ::

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada :: May 17 - 19, 2002

Keycon's in progress...

Wow. It's 2002 now! Things are picking up steadily, at the moment there is much plotting and planning around regarding the Con and hopefully they will result in some wonderful surprises in store for everyone who attends this year. Events coming up in the future include the St. Patrick's Day social, set for March 16th, more information to be posted in the future in the Coming Events section. The membership price has changed to $40 as of Jan. 1. This price is in effect until April 30/2002. As always if there are suggestions or comments, or even problems, please direct them to

This Year's Guests

Artist Guest of Honour: Pete Abrams
Authour Guest of Honour: Charles de Lint

Membership Update!

I've been requested to place a call out to those who have pre-registered if you wish to make any changes to your badges, update your address or any thing of the like, to please contact the Lady of Registrations, Candace Harborne at Get your memberships now, while there at a reduced price, and enjoy the whole convention! :)

Coming to the Con from America?

If you are traveling to KeyCon from the U.S.A. you will need the following for an easier time at the border:

They prefer a passport, however the following will also do;

A drivers license or other picture ID *AND* proof of citizenship, like your Birth Certificate or Voter's Registration card.

Also, it is a good idea to know the address/location of the convention (available on the hotel link), or the names, phones numbers and addresses of people you are staying with if you aren't getting hotel space.

If you are coming from the United States but are not American (excepting Canadians), or are an immigrant to the United States please call 1-204-983-3500 to inquire about what identification is required.

WebSprite thanks LeAmber for contacting the border, writing this and sending it to her in such a prompt fashion. Hope to see all you Americans at the Con!! ^_^

Michael Sheard Watch...

Well I'm still watching, still no word yet on if he'll be at the upcoming Con, for sure... BUT! I received an email from the man himself just after the holidays and he most definatly wishes to attend the Convention and to bring his new book along! And as Michael said "Here's hoping!"!

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Last Updated: January 28, 2002
Wee updates all over.

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