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Video Room

The Wild and Hairy Guys

Yes, the Award-winning Video Room Crew will return for Keycon 2002 where you'll see only the finest fantasy film fare, very likely not including: Waterworld, accompanied by watercress sandwiches, watermelon and watered-down drinks, to be followed by Armageddon, complete with someone's arm, or at least a few fingers. Or not.

The 2002 Video Room will bring back hopefully cherished memories of past Video Rooms and films you may have passed on originally, or even passed out, depending on how you consumed them. Yes, we will again use a video projector, a giant screen, Chris Steadman's sound system for terrific listening pleasure, and for your eyeballs, DVD quality on most films - all shown in comfortable surroundings by cheerful attendants waiting on your every need as long as you don't have any.

Back will be favourites including Rocky Horror/The Matrix/Men In Black, etc. We'd like to show older films in black and white, but we're too afraid. The emphasis will be on new films and crowd pleasing films (since we're shameless), likely including The Mummy Returns, The Mummy Goes Away, The Daddy Is Late With His Support Cheque, along with Tomb Raider (I guess - should we?? - I still haven't seen it!) and other big films from the previous year. One film that's open to debate is AI, which was AIEEEEEE! Does anyone want us to show it? If we do, do we have to show the last twenty minutes?? Can we just show the parts with the teddy bear? WHAT WAS SPIELBERG THINKING?????

Shall we show the X Files episode upcoming this year where Agent Reyes is killed & Doggett is shot? Should we rerun those parts over & over? And what about Lucy Lawless? Well, what about her?

Another favourite is our famous Cartoon Breakfast, complete with Cartoons and Breakfast. In addition, 2002 will feature additional food such as salad, fruit, melons, etc. We have long thought breakfast gets people going, and for some fans our breakfast was their major meal of the day. Therefore, Victor is donating his food stipend from last year towards better food this year. Let's eat!!

More to come as soon as we make it up!! Questions/suggestions about the Video Room? Please send them to

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Keycon this coming year!!!
Victor Schwartzman and All The Crew

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