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Dealers' Room

Get some cool stuff!

Yes Virginia, there is a Dealers' Room this year. Anyone who's interested in renting a table (or tables) should contact Chris Barsanti by email at Anyone sending an email should please put something like "Keycon" or Dealers' Room" as a subject heading. If I don't recognize the sender, or if the topic isn't relevant, then the email goes directly into the trash. Saves a lot of headaches dealing with viruses.

Now, having made this grand pronouncement, I have a task for all of the members of Keycon (that means you, if you're reading this...). A good Dealers' Room is kind of like the chicken or egg proposition. You folks out there won't buy anything from the Dealers' Room unless it has some "Good Stuff." Unfortunately, dealers with "Good Stuff" won't want to come to Keycon until you folks start buying things from the Dealers' Room and make it worth their time and money.

So, how about we all come to an agreement on what "Good Stuff" is? If any of you have any suggestions as to what kind of stuff you'd like to see in the Dealers' Room, send me an email with the particulars. Or better yet, if you see someone that you think ought to be selling their stuff in our Dealers' Room, please, please, please get their name and phone number (business card would be ideal) and send me an email or give me a call.

If I don't get any suggestions or leads, then I don't want to hear any complaints about the content of the Dealers' Room at the Bitch Panel this year. Sound fair?

ConSlave for Life
Chris Barsanti

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