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Hi everyone, it's your friendly neighbourhood Extravaganzas co-ordinator bringing you tidings of the 2001-2002 Keycon year. Kicking things off is the Halloween social, which is always lots of fun, so come on out and support Keycon. There will also be another social planned for the spring of next year so keep an eye out for that.

At Keycon itself, look forward to all your favourites: the ever-popular Ice Cream Social, Saturday Night Social, and Masquerade. Make sure you've got your dancing shoes, and start working on that costume that will take first prize. Masquerade rules will be posted in the next PR. And who could forget the Dead Dog Party (well I guess you can J - I've forgotten a couple of them... or at least what I've done at them) held Sunday evening.

I'm sure we'll all have a good time this year, and I look forward to seeing everyone all at the events. By the way, please remember that attendance at all Keycon events, including the Dead Dog parties, requires a valid membership of some sort. Thanks!

Jamie Koehler
Extravaganzas Co-ordinator

Planned Events

Here is a general list of the big events at this year's con:

Opening Ceremonies/Ice Cream Social: Friday at 6pm is your chance to meet the guests and to put a name to a face (hopefully the correct name to a face!). Start your Keycon off right by getting a bowl of ice cream, served by our guests.

Masquerade: Check out the beautiful handiwork at this perennial favorite, at 7pm on Saturday. For those participating, there will be a walkthrough at 6pm, and don't forget to get familiar with the Masquerade rules, published in the programming book.

Social: After the Masquerade (roughly 9pm) the Social will begin in the Peregrine Room, and will continue till 2am. If you know someone who wants to go to a great social, tickets will be available at the door, or at the registration desk, for only 8pm.

Closing Ceremonies: All good things must end, so get together one last time until next year.

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