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Get 'Em While They're Cheap!!

Well, it's too late to get a cheap membership to Keycon for this year, but don't forget that memberships for next year's con will be available this year, for a bargain low price, never to be repeated!!! Probably. Listen for details to be announced at the con.

Adult Memberships


Children's Memberships


LARP Pass (Includes Friday and Saturday Nights)


Just another reminder to all those LARPers out there - I know it's been mentioned before, but you might want to try the rest of the con this year.. buy a full membership, and that gets you in the door for all the other fun stuff... Just imagine, being up during daylight!!!

Purchase by Mail

To purchase your membership, just print out the membership form, and mail with your payment - cheque, money order, Visa, or MasterCard, (Americans please pay by money order in Canadian funds) please, to:
Keycon 18
P.O. Box 3178
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4E6

Purchase in Person...

You can pick up your membership at any one of the following retailers:

In Winnipeg:

Galaxy Comics & Collectibles
200-1109 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg MB R2G 1L4

Face Off Sportscards
3043 Ness Avenue
Winnipeg MB R2Y 0G1

Pendragon Games & Hobbies
516 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3C 0G2
204-772-5458 (fax)

Already Have Your Membership?

Just a note from pre-registration, short and sweet and to the point... If you know what you want on your badge, or have any change to the badge name you gave, or absolutely any other changes too, such as address, phone, e-mail, whatever, you name it, please contact Skye May at Oh hell, just give her a buzz anyway. She may e-mail you back and ask you what kind of an invertebrate you would like to be.

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