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Planned Events

Here is a general list of the big events at this year's con:

Opening Ceremonies/Ice Cream Social: Friday at 6pm is your chance to meet the guests and to put a name to a face (hopefully the correct name to a face!). Start your Keycon off right by getting a bowl of ice cream, served by our guests.

Masquerade: Check out the beautiful handiwork at this perennial favorite, at 7pm on Saturday. For those participating, there will be a walkthrough at 6pm, and don't forget to get familiar with the Masquerade rules, published in the programming book.

Social: After the Masquerade (roughly 9pm) the Social will begin in the Peregrine Room, and will continue till 2am. If you know someone who wants to go to a great social, tickets will be available at the door, or at the registration desk, for only 8pm.

Closing Ceremonies: All good things must end, so get together one last time until next year.


So, I get to run the parties, eh? Cool! We're planning a St. Patrick's Day Gamesday and Social, and the Keycon social as well. And there will be the Masquerade, the Ice Cream Social... damn! I may actually have to do some work here... I promise lots of fun and, uh, stuff... Yeah! I hope to see everyone out to support our events.

We've already gotten off to a great start. First, we were at Boo at the Zoo scaring children (of all sizes) and handing out scads of flyers. Next was the Halloween Social, which was a big hit. All three groups involved pulled together, showed everyone a great time, and, made a profit!!

The momentum will continue into the new year with our first ever St. Patrick's Day Gamesday and Social, so keep an eye on this spot for further details!

Craig Coyne

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