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Video Room

The Wild and Hairy Guys Have a Plan...

...And they have a website!

You can get more information on what these evil twins (well, maybe, maybe not...) have in store for Keycon at: The Official Web Page of the 2 Wild and Hairy Guys

And here's the latest, direct from Their Wild and Hairinesses:

The Wild and Hairy Ones are back, yet again! Only this time rumour has it we are the Fan Guests of Honour, which means we have some BIG shoes to fill, and we're not just talking about Chris Dant's foot size! Yes, this has to be the BE ALL and END ALL adn all that, video-room wise.

We and our loyal crew, including the Pollard/Bowman family and our overnight gonzos Cary and Chris, will return BIG TIME next June. Unfortunately, our con is in May, but that can't be helped. Wait a minute! Anyway, we'll all be back with our BIG SCREEN movies and SEMI-STUPENDOUS sound system. And this time we're going for strictly sf/fantasy big time hits.. Forget the old classics! Forget black and white! Forget good movies! Nope, this time it'll be crowd-pleaser time. Fortunately that also means all of oour own favourites (such as Men in Black, Jurassic Park) plus the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, just cause we've been missing ol' Ray Harryhausen. Or not.

In fact, we don't have a clue what we'll show, except it'll be BIG and LOUD. Plus there will be the ever popular Colouring Spoon Breakfasts, contests, give-aways, (hey, wait a minute... if we're the Fan Guests of Honour, shouldn't the fans be giving us stuff???) plus the return of the newly popular flavoured popcorn instead of the regular stuff. We are open to suggestions for contests and films to show. Contact us at the links below.

And remember: the Wild and Hairy Guys care!

Victor Schwartzman

Chris Dant

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