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Art Show

Last Chance!!!

The art show last year had tremendous traffic and close to a record number of participants. There was a lot to look at and a lot to tempt the pocketbook. Of course this year we want it to be bigger and better than ever!

There's still time to get your space for this year's Art Show. If you were at last year's show, you'll probably remember the room we had - lots of natural light to show off your creations to their best effect.

Display Space


4' by 4' panels

$20.00 CDN

1/2 table (1' by 2')

$15.00 CDN

Full table

$20.00 CDN

Registrations will be accepted up to the opening of the Art Show at 6:00 PM May 18th, 2001. If you need more information or wish to be put on the Art Show mailing list(or if you know someone who should be), contact:

Michelle Cook
Art Show Director
122 Lenore Street
Winnipeg MB R3G 2C3
(204) 772-5170

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