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Hospitality Suites

Official Non-Smoking Suite - Club Q

This year we are welcoming back Generations: The Star Trek Club as hosts of Keycon's official non-smoking hospitality suite. They've been in the suite business for quite a few years now, and they're always a hit. Whether it's ambiance, food, or poker, they've done it like no one else.

Club Q Returns!

Official Smoking Suite - The Short Plank

Run Away! Leave! The less of ye there be, the more food and drink for this here Pirate! Avast, if ye come ye can have food, but I may make you swab the deck to pay for it. What? Not good enough for ye? Watch your tongue lest I take it and feed the sharks... Come to the Short Plank for the Wine, the Wenches, and some Wicked fun.

We are the Smoking Hospitality suite this year and will be serving theme food and drink. Who can say no to free food?

The Burn-Out Suite

The Crystal Castle Crew and Bogbo Heavy Industries bring the ultimate in relaxation to Keycon. Comfortable sitting devices, ambient techno, stress relief programming (Iron Chef and Hong Kong action movies prominently featured), and a daily run for the most beloved, and most difficult to find in downtown Winnipeg, of all the fan beverages... the Slurpee. Other events may be planned, but going with the flow is much more relaxing.

U of W Anime Club Suite

This Anime-themed (obviously) suite will be showing a full schedule of movies and TV shows. A few theme screenings are also being considered: That 70's Anime, Mecha Madness, Tribute to Anime Babes, and all other things wierd. Stop by and check out the fun!


If you're hosting a suite, or would just like to know more about what's offered this year, please contact:

Chris Barsanti
(204) 467-5907

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