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Coming Events

Special Exciting Non-Event to Bring Back Michael Sheard

This is kind of a unique event as it's not RUN by Keycon, but it's FOR Keycon. Sort of. Let's face it - one of the more popular attractions at Keycon for the past couple of years has been the presence of Michael Sheard, Admiral Ozzel of Star Wars fame. It's characters like Michael that make a con what it is, so there is a dedicated group that would like to see him come back - good things do happen in threes, you know...

However, this is an expensive proposition, and it's just not in Keycon's budget this year. While the total amount needed to bring Michael back is in the $1,500 CDN range, already $400 has been pledged to this effort! So it's well on it's way... and if we can find an American fan willing to donate $18 US Funds, that should take us most of the rest of the way! Just kidding, but this is where it comes down to the rest of you.

A special fund-raising event is under way - more details to follow shortly. What can be related now, however, is that any donations are appreciated. For more information, contact any of the following Sheard fans:
Chris Barsanti, Craig Coyne, Mike Major, or Dave Strang.

Cabin Fever

Looking for something to do when the winter has set in, you're still broke from Christmas, and you're itching to just have some fun? Cabin Fever is an annual mini-convention put together by STW (Star Trek Winnipeg), one of the city's more active fandom groups. Despite the name, STW is inclusive of all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy, and they do know how to have fun - as those who have experienced their hospitality suites at Keycon can attest to.

What you'll find at Cabin Fever is something for everyone, including lots of gaming (board and card games, table top RPGs, and even a live action vampire game), a video program (featuring shows not aired in Winnipeg), and sometimes even special guests!

For more information on this year's event, contact STW president (and Keycon's own fearless gamemaster) Dave Strang.

St. Patrick's Day Social

I'll avoid all the obvious jokes about the Irish and whiskey. But the fact remains that this is one of the more important party days of the year. So, always looking for an excuse to kick back and have some fun, Keycon will be hosting a games day and social for this auspicious day. More details to follow...

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