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Keycon 2000
Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 19th - 21st, 2000

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Keycon is Manitoba's annual science and speculative fiction convention. Fans from Winnipeg, as well as all over the prairie provinces and states, and further afield, gather to share their interests and just kick back and have a good time over the weekend. Costumes, panels, guests, parties, and the usual lunacy are what's in store for this year, our 17th annual convention. Come join us!

You just keep coming back...

...And now your patience will be rewarded! We've got a site up for Keycon 18 (2001), conveniently (!) located at And we're still working on Keycon's own permanent domain name. Any updates on that, you can find at the new site.

This Year's Guests

Author Guest of Honour: Jennifer Roberson
Artist Guest of Honour: Laurie E. Smith
Artist Guest of Honour: Dave Pruden
Artist Guest of Honour: Robert Pasternak
Fan Guest of Honour: Tim Hogue
Media Guest of Honour: Brian Downey
Special Millennium Guest of Honour: Michael Sheard

Just click on your favorite guest's name, or on "Guest Bios", for more information, including biography and credits.

Late-Breaking News

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Igor Kordey will be unable to appear as our Artist Guest. We will miss his presence at the con.

However, three other outstanding Winnipeg talents have agreed to step in at the last moment. Of course, it's really the fans that are the winners (in some respects) as we will now have three times the art showcased, and that much more input from our guests at panels and so on. These three heroes are none other than Laurie E. Smith, Dave Pruden, and Robert Pasternak.

Media Appearances

Check out Michael Sheard on the Big Breakfast! He'll be appearing on the show on May 19th at 8:05am to talk about his experiences and chat up the con.

Also listen for all our guests on the CJOB Water Cooler from 2pm to 3 pm on May 19th.

Dealers' Room

Tables are still available in the Dealers' Room for a fee of $45.00. For more information, or to book your table, please contact Mike Paille.

Con Chairs for 2001 & 2002 needed!

Due to unusual circumstances totally beyond our control, the Con Chairs previously chosen for Keycon in 2001 have had to resign their positions. With Keycon 2000 about to happen, this leaves a very short time for the WINSFA Senate to find candidates to fill this role.

At this time we ask that anyone interested in becoming a Con Chair submit a letter of intent to the WINSFA Senate via any of the following methods:

  • On paper, addressed to the WINSFA Senate, mailed to Box 3178, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4E6;

  • E-mailed to the President of the WINSFA Senate: LeAmber Kensley at;

  • E-mailed to the Vice-President of the WINSFA Senate: Linda Ross-Mansfield at (telephone 772-3742).

Please include the names of the two people to be nominated as Co-Chairs, and obtain their signatures to indicate acceptance of nomination. The deadline for submission of these nominations is Sunday, May 21, 2000, at 5 pm. This is also the deadline for submissions for the 2002 con chairs. The nominees will be contacted to discuss the particulars of the duties they are proposing to take on as Con Chair nominees. Further information can be obtained by contacting the WINSFA Senate as listed above.

WINSFA Senator Elections

The WINSFA Senate announces that this year at Keycon, we will be conducting the second of its two-year program to elect 2 WINSFA Senators from amongst the Keycon membership. Once again you, the fan at large, will have a chance to cast your vote towards the direction of the WINSFA Senate and its programs. If you know someone that you would like to see serve on the Senate, who you would feel can serve the interests of fandom in our community, then we urge you to step forward and submit that name! Only people with full attending memberships may vote and/or be nominated. More details on the election itself will be available from the WINSFA Senate members, in the program book, or by submitting a request in writing to either the Keycon mailing address, or by e-mail c/o the Secretary, John Speelman, at


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