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Videos from the Wild & Hairy Guys...

Think you've seen it all? Thant you know what to expect from the Wild and Hairy Guys and their Wild and Hairy Crew? Ha!

Well, okay, since everybody likes what we do, we'll give members what they want: new films in a great setting, popcorn and other goodies, contests and prizes and loads o' fun.

Back this year will be the video projector, but this time in a larger room where we can take better advantage of it. Although we could have beein in a program room, we have opted for a hospitality room on the 15th floor, because otherwise we would not be able to offer you popcorn, and WHAT'S THE POINT OF WATCHING A MOVIE WITHOUT POPCORN??

The Phantom Menace is a sure bet for your viewing pleasure, as is The Matrix. Also expect Men In Black, Tank Girl, Rocky Horror and other favourites. Chris and Victor will come up with a final list based on fan demand, requests we receive, and, in the end, whatever we feel like.

We are planning some great contests with cool prizes. As always we will strive to make you feel at home, but that doesn't mean you can leave popcorn on the floor. We will also give prizes to people with good riddles and jokes.

And did we mention another showing of The Empire Strikes Back, given we have Michael Sheard back? And did we say anything about showing the usual cartoons and other fun items? Well, you'll have to just check it out!


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