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Purple Dragon by Phil and Kaja Foglio

May 18th - 20th, 2001 - Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Welcome Back!

Well, the site is up and running for this year's con - sorry to keep you waiting for so long. For those who aren't yet familiar, Keycon is Manitoba's annual science and speculative fiction convention. Fans from Winnipeg, as well as all over the prairie provinces and states, and further afield, gather to share their interests and just kick back and have a good time over the weekend. Costumes, panels, guests, parties, and the usual lunacy are what's always in store, so come on down!!

This Year's Guests

Author Guests of Honour: Spider & Jeanne Robinson
Artist Guests of Honour: Phil & Kaja Foglio
Fan Guests of Honour: The Wild & Hairy Guys

What's News?

Well... everything, to be exact! From this year's con comm, to hotel information and guest bios, you've probably not heard about it yet. So check out all the links for the latest info.